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Our Programs

The Down Syndrome Association of Houston offers an array of programs to serve all age groups in the Down syndrome community.

From newborns to adults, we are sure that you can find a program for your loved one with Down syndrome and family at DSAH.

Our programs include:

Last year, DSAH was proud to serve approximately 2,000 members with its various activities. From Pre-natal diagnosis support to our social Club 21 events, our members enjoyed a year full of fun activities and education.

If your little one is between the ages of 0 to 7, we welcome you to join us at Gymboree!
This program has been customized to serve our children with therapy through music and play. But if you are looking for more interaction, then maybe your little one and the not so little ones can also join us for our Camp Ability sessions! During the summer, we open our Resource Center for a few weeks of day camps to serve the ages from 3 to 17! But the fun doesn’t stop there! If your child is over 6 years old and you are looking for sports activities, then we invite you to join our DSAH Panther Pack Special Olympics team! At the age of 6, your child can start training with us and at the age of 8 he or she can start competing! Athletes can even go up to state competitions and bring back home a Gold Medal, just like our own Nathan Gaddis has done!

Now, if you are looking for activities for your teenagers and adults, you have come to the right place! Club 21 is the perfect social club for teen and adults with Down syndrome. With 5 themed dances a year, 7 social activities like karaoke or Bingo spaghetti Night, your teen/adult will sure love being a part of this Club.

Now, DSAH doesn’t only offer social activities for adults, we also believe in a continuing education program that will help them get ready for the world. From continuing their core academics to vocational training, the Education for Life is the place to be after graduating from high school. This program has shown incredible success in the past few years. In 2009, we started with one day a week and 12 students, and today we have over 30 students and the program participating in a 5-day program with a streamlined curriculum.

DSAH is known for it’s great family and community support programs! Today we are able to offer support through 11 Community Groups throughout the Houston metroplex and surrounding areas. We also come together at our famous annual Pool Party at Noah’s Ark where about 200 attendees have fun in the sun, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with over 500 guests, our HUGE annual Buddy Walk surpasses 12,000 attendees, our Family Camp, Camp for All and our festive Holiday Party.

But don’t think that all we do is party,we also offer informative and educational programs and special topic conferences for parents, guardians, and professionals who work with our loved ones with Down syndrome. We also do medical outreach by organizing and attending grand rounds at local hospitals and deliver baby baskets full of up-to-date information about Down syndrome to families who have newborns in the hospital. Our medical outreach also includes OBGYNs to try to help them give the much needed support to the parents who receive a pre-natal diagnosis. Our educational outreach also has helped many parents that need to be empowered. In schools, DSAH representatives attend many ARD meetings and help parents understand the process and their rights for their child.

We understand that as your child grows, your family needs change and we hope that we can serve you every step of the way!