Down Syndrome Association of Houston

La Asociación síndrome de Down de Houston ha estado sirviendo a individuos con síndrome de Down, sus familias y los miembros de la comunidad de Great Houston que les sirven desde 1974. Nuestra misión es proporcionar educación, apoyo y recursos de por vida a las personas con síndrome de Down, sus familias y las comunidades en las que viven. Acompáñenos mientras creamos un Gran Houston donde las personas con síndrome de Down están más incluidas y empoderadas para cumplir sus metas personales.

DSAH is always working to bring together families and children of all groups so they can have somewhere they feel they belong. They celebrate and support all individuals with Down syndrome. As a mother to a child with Down syndrome, DSAH has always been a place where I feel doors are open for us and where I feel comfortable to meet and share my experiences with other families who are on similar roads as us. Being a special needs parent is not easy and it is hard to have a social life and balance school, therapies and work. When we received my son’s diagnosis, we felt all alone and didn’t have anyone we could turn to for advice or support, but when we were introduced to DSAH, our lives changed for the better and we met so many great families that we may have life-long connections with. DSAH provides many resources and social events we are able to go to throughout the year. This is what makes them so wonderful! They are really a positive impactful organization that I’m proud to have in my community. They have many community groups across the city which provides easier access for us parents who won’t have to worry about going far.

Lora, DSAH member and mother of a child with Ds

Why a PLAAFP needs a duck just like AFLAC!

We all know the duck that walks around encouraging us to pay attention to the benefits of Aflac insurance. I bet you can do a pretty good Aflac impersonation right now, in fact!?! But why then does the special education PLAAFP not have a duck? Or a bear? Or a bald eagle?

I appreciate the effort they give in raising awareness. I also appreciate what they do for those with Down Syndrome and the families that have members with Down Syndrome - I have nothing but praise!